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Show Notification for Emails Received *Since* Last Notice + Previews for Newest (vs. Oldest) Emails

Please 1) only show notifications for new unread emails which have been **received since the last notification was shown**.

Also, please 2) **show the newest email in the notification preview** instead of the oldest email (which, in my case, is an Amazon order email from a year ago now shown and ignored in 100+ repeated notifications which fail to ever show previews of the new, relevant emails instead of the old "already ignored 100 times" ones).

As notifications of new emails is the *entire* reason I'd installed Gmail Checker Plus, "disabling all notifications" is *not* a viable workaround.


Considering that Gmail Checker Plus is "repeating notifications of very old emails" despite my having "Repeat notifications" = Off and "Show notifications for older dated emails" = Off in Settings, I would consider this to be a bug, or at the very least extremely unexpected, counter-intuitive and more annoying and disruptive than useful behavior which renders this completely useless for its primary function (for those such as myself who installed this to get notified of new emails) of letting me know when I've received new emails and allowing me to preview those new emails.

The current behavior makes no sense, in that it has resulted in the same useless, consciously ignored Amazon order notification email from 1 year ago showing up every single time I open my browser, with the same exact useless ancient already ignored email showing up now *100+ times over the past year*, rendering this extension mostly useless for those interested in using it for notifications.

I shouldn't have to go through thousands of old ignored emails and review each one (to identify those I might want to respond to or re-review at some point later) and archive or Mark As read all the rest, and do so diligently for all future emails from this point forward, all just to ensure that this extension only shows the most recent email, or notifications that are of any use.

Even for those who only leave a few in their inbox, such as one unread they may "get to if/when have time", it doesn't make sense to show that same one over and over again in notification preview every time they start their browser, instead of showing the new ones so they are actually aware that they have received new ones and can quickly preview what those are.

Thanks for your help in fixing this.



  • I'm not sure why an old email is appearing in the notification,

    which labels are you monitoring?

    how many accounts are you monitoring?

    when you get a new email do you see a notification for it?

  • I'm monitoring Primary for a single manually added Google Apps account with 30 second polling. 

    I get notifications of new emails if received while browser is running, but whenever I startup the browser, instead of only showing notifications for emails if/when I received *new* emails since the last time notifications were shown (eg. last time browser was started) I always get a notification for all the past unread emails still left under Primary for my inbox (which I have old ones I don't want to have to bother clearing out but also don't want to have to be reminded of every time I start Firefox).

    Because those notifications always show the *oldest* unread Primary email for the preview instead of the newest, and because they show up every time I start browser (as long as I still have unread emails in Primary, no matter how old they are or how many times I've seen already seen a notification for them on browser start), I never actually know if I've received a new email while browser is closed or PC is asleep, etc. and certainly don't get to see a preview of it, because of the false positive repeated notification of oldest leftover unread email which always occurs every time I start my browser.

    This was detailed at:


    However, you just implemented "Show notifications on startup" option and suggest I disable that. However, that would prevent me from receiving the desired previews of (let alone any reliable notification of) having received new emails while browser is closed or PC is asleep on startup which is needed, so that is not a viable workaround.

    I described the simple suggested fix for that, which I've repeated above, in my reply about a month ago but hadn't received any response, so I summarized that here.


    In short, the proposed fix for this is:

    1) only show notifications for new unread emails which have been **received since the last notification was shown**.

    2) **show the newest email in the notification preview** instead of the oldest email (since only one email is previewed in those notifications on browser startup which combines together multiple notifications and only shows preview for the oldest email instead of newest in that notification).

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Jason,

    Are you able to fix this, by 1) showing notifications for newest emails first and 2) only if/when have unread emails since last time notification was shown, so that notifications (the only reason using this extension) aren't entirely useless (ie. always only showing notice of ignored Amazon order email from 1 year ago instead of new emails I want to get notified of, as is the case now)?

  • Ive noted it, but i usually wait for more noise from other users to confirm and prioritize the suggestions.

  • Here are just a few of the many other cases where users have reported the same or similar issues, with interest in getting notified of newest (not oldest) emails shown first and notified for new recent emails instead of old emails had already been notified of:













    And that's not even counting how many/most users I've found in countless threads referring to notifications mentioning how they want to get "notified of new emails as they come in" (as is arguably the primary purpose of this extension, and the only reason want to use it) which is completely failing to occur if there is even a single unread email left in inbox (even when filtering it to Primary only), as it stands now.

  • Thanks for listing the threads, I presume i responded to most or all of them. Maybe I'm not getting the issue, if you have any unread emails before receiving a new email, you will not get notified of this new email? Or are there more conditions to be met before seeing the issue.

  • Yes, if you have any unread emails, you won't see the new email previewed in notifications, as it previews the oldest (least relevant, and already seen before in notifications) instead of the newest.

    You also get so many false positives, with it showing you "new email" notifications every time you start the browser, that the notifications become 100% useless (or even worse than useless, annoying as well), so that you don't even know if/when you have actually received a *new* email.

    I have received notifications for the same "Amazon order shipped" email now literally 100's of times, every time I open the browser (as I often do many times a day, not leaving it open, especially as slows down over time and updates daily since its Firefox Nightly, Edge Dev, or frequently updated Chrome channels, etc.).

    Just marking that specific email as Read won't help, because there are hundreds of other emails after that which I don't want to have to review just to get this extension to work right, or which I left in case may need to review (as low priority) when have time.

    Those other threads I had referenced are *not* resolved, which is why I referenced them, either mentioning the exact same issue I'd described here (eg. with emails being shown with oldests first in previews, instead of newest unread) or not resolved in part where they also mention being concerned with the same kind of issues (such as always getting notified of newest email when it comes in, which fails to occur for the reasons mentioned).

    This is an extension designed to notify users of newest emails. If there is even 2 unread emails it fails to do so. It will always show you the same email it already notified you about already, without notifying you of the new one, let alone showing you a preview of that new email.

    Currently, it always only notifies you of the *least useful*, *least relevant* emails (the oldest ones) and if there are even 2 unread emails, always shows a preview of the same one you had already seen a preview of before.

    When new emails come in, it again just shows you a preview of the old already previewed/notified email (showing them all batched together in the notification with oldest on top/only one previewed) so that you don't even know if you got a new one, or what its subject is, let alone can preview its message, or if you are just seeing a periodic "re-notification" of the same old already notified of email.

    Please fix that. Until then, this ends up being 100% useless for anyone with older unread emails and ends up being as minimally useful as possible for others (never notifying of/previewing the newest, most relevant emails).

  • The easiest way for me to correct this is to get a simple use-case that replicates the issue.

    Maybe a quick video showing me the issue.

  • My point about the other threads was that there are multiple requests/reports of this same kind of issue and the desire to see the same thing - which this extension is failing to do - and can consider that when it comes to prioritizing this. Specifically, I, as with other users (in those threads and generally I would think any user) would prefer to see newest emails first (or on top) in notifications/previews (which batch together all unread emails with oldest on top/only one previewed, currently), which is failing to occur.

    The fix, as described before, is simple:

    1. Show newest unread email first in notifications / previews (when batch multiple unread emails together)

    1. Always do this, by default, as critical for the primary use case everyone mentions - getting notified of new emails (not re-reading old emails).
    2. Otherwise don't even know if got a new email (because always just see the oldest email which likely had already seen in a notification before, because it keeps repeating them until read), let alone being able to preview the new(est) email.
    3. You can still batch all unread emails together in that same notification if user prefers, but pressing Next button in the notification will then show the 2nd newest email, etc. (from newest to oldest in notification preview, instead of from oldest to newest)

    2. Provide option to only show notifications for new emails which were received after the last time a notification was shown for an account

    1. Simplest case implementation: only show a notification if/when unread emails exist with {email received date} > {time when extension had last shown a notification}
    2. And only include those "newer than last notice time" emails in the batched notification (or only counting those towards the "1st of 10", etc. count shown in the "batched / multi unread email notification")
    3. Only need to track "when last showed a notification" (ideally per account, in case add a new account later, but not critical), not "whether a notification was shown for each email"
    4. If wanted to expand on this later (not really needed IMO) you could provide an option to track "whether or not an notification was already shown for each email" so as to never show repeat notifications for the same email - however, that is probably overkill, with simple
    5. I suggest this behavior also be enabled by default, since most people IMO don't want to keep getting re-notified of old emails they had already seen a notice for or already ignored (eg. don't bother to manually mark as unread, already saw the subject and knew don't need to bother with or or left it for "maybe someday"), but even providing an option for it would go a long way.
    6. You could also add an option for "Don't notify of emails older than X days" in case some people prefer that, but that by itself wouldn't suffice.
    7. Without this, I and other users will keep getting tons of annoying notifications for same old ignored emails every time I open the browser or periodically (and worse yet, without Fix #1, each of those notifications will fail to even show the newest most relevant emails in them).
  • The problem is I'm not experiencing the issue, hence why a video is worth a thousand words to me, it shows me context and possible different user configurations. There is also almost 10k lines of code in the extension, and a lot are dedicated to the email detection logic.

  • Do you (or did you with any previous version or configuration) have any kind of notification popup (possibly not the standard Win10 toast notification) which shows multiple emails (if there are multiple unread ones) together in the same notification (eg. mentioning there are X number of new/unread emails or with next/previous buttons to switch which is being previewed)?

    As to reproducing, I may be able to make a video when occurs, but it doesn't occur every time I start up the browser, and I can't pinpoint exactly why that is.

  • Yes for multiple emails, Chrome has since standardized and shortened the text space, so I try to fit in as many new emails in as possible. But again replicating the issue is key for me and the "can't pinpoint" is exactly why this issue is difficult to tackle.

  • And you have Prev/Next buttons in that notification, right?

  • No, never did.

  • In any case, if/when I see these notifications for old emails popup again, if I'm able to start recording fast enough I will record to share to show what I mean about old emails sometimes showing up in notifications. Thanks for your help.

  • Though couldn't record quickly enough, here is a screenshot of the notification I see on startup of Firefox. It doesn't occur every time. If I close Firefox and reopen right away it doesn't show up again. But if do so after a few hours or maybe after PC restart then it does show again. It keeps showing the same notifications I'd already seen before (even though I was at PC and it had previously shown that notice when I started up Firefox).

    Unlike previous version of extension or previous configuration, it seems like its showing the newest email now at least instead of the oldest email. So that is an improvement. However, it is still showing the same notification repeated on startup many (but not all) of the times I startup Firefox, like shown in this screenshot.

    Please keep track of last time a notification was shown (whether on Firefox startup or when an email was received while browser was open) and only show notifications (eg. on browser startup) if/when there was a new email received (eg. based on email timestamp) which is newer than the last notification shown time.

  • Just curious was this issue always regarding the extension for Firefox ?

  • Yes, for Firefox. Haven't tested for Chrome, but would think same case for when notifications are shown.

  • Any idea why it might have the repeat notifications show on startup only sometimes (after a number of hours or after reboot possibly)? It I restart Firefox even say a few minutes later (well after the 30 second polling time), it doesn't show that same email again on startup.

    I have set to notification for Primary category only emails (which I had readded after reset config without any affect on this issue) with options:

    Add Account for 1 Google Apps account

    Rich Notifications, 30 Second Polling

    Repeat notifications = off

    Show Notifications for older = off

    Run in background = off (and not supported since its Firefox)

    Only other thing could think of why doesn't happen every time on Firefox startup is if might happen when receive a new email in another category (not Primary) (since receive those more often, especially if include Social, Spam etc.), of if you have some kind of hard-coded minimum interval for whether to show notification of same email again on startup.

  • So perhaps try just monitoring the Inbox label and see if that makes a difference.

  • Unlike the notification I showed in screenshot (which was of regular notification) the one shown at startup actually shows "25 emails" at the top of it (the number in Primary section, the same number shown as overlay for toolbar button). However, again, goes away too fast to get screenshot or capture.

    Since that email count doesn't seem to every show up in other cases (its just 1 by 1 notification for emails while browser is open, even if get 2 emails at same time), does that help narrow it down?

    Just using Inbox doesn't seem like its helping. Plus not feasible due to volume of Social, Update, etc. emails. And it ends up showing 1924 emails instead of 25 emails for overlay, etc.

  • edited about four months ago

    I confirmed that changing from just Primary to just all Inbox fails to stop the batched emails, and ended up showing a notification with "1925 emails" at the top of it instead of "25 emails" on Firefox startup.

  • Just to be sure the issue i'm looking to resolve first here is alerts for older emails, is that issue occuring while monitoring the inbox label?

  • Yes, it occurs regardless of what you are monitoring (with Inbox and/or with Primary).

    Here is a screenshot of the issue occurring on startup for Chrome as well.

    As you can see it shows "20 new emails" at the top, unlike other notifications. It looks similar for Firefox startup too (except no "Mark as read", etc. buttons).

    However, please keep the feature for notifying on startup if any new unread emails came in - but *only* for those emails (if any) that were received *since the last time a notification was shown*.

    So if 2 new emails came in since last time a notification was shown (whether it was shown on startup or while browser was running), then it would show only "2 new emails". (However, the extension toolbar button badge would still show "20").

    If no new emails came in since last time a notification was shown, then no notification would be shown on startup. If you received 2 emails while browser was open, and have displayed notifications for them, then you would not show any notification on next browser startup, with "2 new emails" shown above a preview of the most recent email (please ensure its always the most recent email shown for the body of that notification).

    This can be simply achieved simply by keeping track of the lastNotificationShownTime and only showing notification on startup for "all emails where email.ReceivedTime > storage.lastNotificationShownTime", so that you don't have to keep track of metadata for each email for whether or not a notification was shown.

    Thanks for your help in addressing this.

  • Here is screenshot of the notifications shown on Firefox startup.

    Also, please note that this notification doesn't show every time the browser is started. It seems to show every at least a few hours have passed, I believe.

    Also, it may also shown up again on browser start if that browser had crashed as well.

    And when it does show, it always shows count for total unread emails in inbox instead of count for new emails received since last notification (for any email, on startup or otherwise) was shown, as I would suggest occurring instead.

    Also, ideally, if possible, you can sync just this "lastNotificationShownTime" between browsers, so that when opening up different browsers you don't keep getting the same already shown notifications too.

  • Jason,

    Does that help identify the issue?

    That it's the only case where eg. "25 new emails" shows up at top of notification) for Firefox and Chrome alike, just on browser startup, occurring sometimes (maybe after a min number of hours, etc.)?

    Can you change that "batched / multi-email notification" so it:

    1) only includes new unread emails received since last time any notification was shown in that "new emails count"

    2) not showing at all if that is 0 "actually new" emails, and

    3) ensure showing the very newest email in the notification body?

  • I've queued this for investigation, although I definitely already have logic for identifying newest email etc.

  • It seems the issue is at very start of showNotificationTest() in background.js at line 1166 where

    getAllUnreadMail() is used when params.showAll == true, seen in below code excerpt:

    if (params.showAll) {

    // fetch all unread emails

    params.newEmails = getAllUnreadMail(accounts);


    Instead, should filter this only to emails where email.getDate() > notificationLastShownDate.

    Do you track something like notificationLastShownDate anywhere or can add easily (storing last time any kind of email notification was shown)?

    Also, can you make it so that is synced across browsers, so its last time notification was shown for any browser, so don't get duplicates that way?

    Once add support for that (by default, IMO, especially when have "Repeat notification" = disabled and "Show notifications for older dated emails" = disabled like I do), you may want to also check the following in showNotification() which can also result in params.totalUnread being used instead of params.newEmails.length if the following is true:

    storage.get("accountAddingMethod") == "oauth" && (params.source == Source.SIGN_IN || params.source == Source.STARTUP)

  • Hi Jason,

    Does that help pinpoint the issue? Something can likely fix/change soon?

  • Yes i will use these details when I go through the next batch of fixes.

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