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Show Notification for Emails Received *Since* Last Notice + Previews for Newest (vs. Oldest) Emails

Please 1) only show notifications for new unread emails which have been **received since the last notification was shown**.

Also, please 2) **show the newest email in the notification preview** instead of the oldest email (which, in my case, is an Amazon order email from a year ago now shown and ignored in 100+ repeated notifications which fail to ever show previews of the new, relevant emails instead of the old "already ignored 100 times" ones).

As notifications of new emails is the *entire* reason I'd installed Gmail Checker Plus, "disabling all notifications" is *not* a viable workaround.


Considering that Gmail Checker Plus is "repeating notifications of very old emails" despite my having "Repeat notifications" = Off and "Show notifications for older dated emails" = Off in Settings, I would consider this to be a bug, or at the very least extremely unexpected, counter-intuitive and more annoying and disruptive than useful behavior which renders this completely useless for its primary function (for those such as myself who installed this to get notified of new emails) of letting me know when I've received new emails and allowing me to preview those new emails.

The current behavior makes no sense, in that it has resulted in the same useless, consciously ignored Amazon order notification email from 1 year ago showing up every single time I open my browser, with the same exact useless ancient already ignored email showing up now *100+ times over the past year*, rendering this extension mostly useless for those interested in using it for notifications.

I shouldn't have to go through thousands of old ignored emails and review each one (to identify those I might want to respond to or re-review at some point later) and archive or Mark As read all the rest, and do so diligently for all future emails from this point forward, all just to ensure that this extension only shows the most recent email, or notifications that are of any use.

Even for those who only leave a few in their inbox, such as one unread they may "get to if/when have time", it doesn't make sense to show that same one over and over again in notification preview every time they start their browser, instead of showing the new ones so they are actually aware that they have received new ones and can quickly preview what those are.

Thanks for your help in fixing this.


  • I'm not sure why an old email is appearing in the notification,

    which labels are you monitoring?

    how many accounts are you monitoring?

    when you get a new email do you see a notification for it?

  • I'm monitoring Primary for a single manually added Google Apps account with 30 second polling. 

    I get notifications of new emails if received while browser is running, but whenever I startup the browser, instead of only showing notifications for emails if/when I received *new* emails since the last time notifications were shown (eg. last time browser was started) I always get a notification for all the past unread emails still left under Primary for my inbox (which I have old ones I don't want to have to bother clearing out but also don't want to have to be reminded of every time I start Firefox).

    Because those notifications always show the *oldest* unread Primary email for the preview instead of the newest, and because they show up every time I start browser (as long as I still have unread emails in Primary, no matter how old they are or how many times I've seen already seen a notification for them on browser start), I never actually know if I've received a new email while browser is closed or PC is asleep, etc. and certainly don't get to see a preview of it, because of the false positive repeated notification of oldest leftover unread email which always occurs every time I start my browser.

    This was detailed at:


    However, you just implemented "Show notifications on startup" option and suggest I disable that. However, that would prevent me from receiving the desired previews of (let alone any reliable notification of) having received new emails while browser is closed or PC is asleep on startup which is needed, so that is not a viable workaround.

    I described the simple suggested fix for that, which I've repeated above, in my reply about a month ago but hadn't received any response, so I summarized that here.


    In short, the proposed fix for this is:

    1) only show notifications for new unread emails which have been **received since the last notification was shown**.

    2) **show the newest email in the notification preview** instead of the oldest email (since only one email is previewed in those notifications on browser startup which combines together multiple notifications and only shows preview for the oldest email instead of newest in that notification).

    Thanks for your help.

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