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The addon is crashing everytime i try to open Options

I'm on Debian Buster currently (but also crashed on Stretch), using Chromium browser 73.0.3683.75.

The addon actually works fine, and it shows me notifications.. it's just crashing everytime when i try to open settings.. homever i can right click the icon and open "Quick Contact" page, again it just crashes when i click on "notifications" (i'm trying to turn them off)

Error when i try to open "Settings" by right clicking the icon: https://i.imgur.com/CdzOrw3.png

And here just to show i can access "Quick Contact" by right clicking the icon: https://i.imgur.com/AP2tb91.png

Already tried to reinstall browser and the addon.

Any suggestions?


  • So I only support the stable Chrome version, can you try getting that working on Debian.

  • I think this is the latest stable version available on Debian but i can look for other versions..

  • I understand it might be the latest, but there is a difference between Chromium and Chrome and that's where the issues lie.

  • edited about two months ago

    I see thanks for quick response. Do you have no plans for supporting Chromium?

  • edited about two months ago

    There have been too many Chromium specific issue and other related browsers reported over the last years. This would consume too much of my time for a small user base and it would reduce the quality and speed of development of my extensions for the majority of my Chrome stable users.

  • I just switched to Arch and using Chromium 73.0.3683.103 it works just fine, settings no longer crashing. :)

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