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Adding Checker Plus- Calendar to Brave Browser

I have been using Checker Plus - Calendar on Chrome but am trying to wean off Chrome and onto Brave. Attempting to add Checker Plus - Calendar to Brave but it is stuck on the authentication screen. Any advice? Thanks.


  • So normally I don't support other browser other than Chrome and Firefox, but there's been some recent noise over the Brave, so i'll investigate, can you send me the error logs: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • I just uninstalled the extension and then reinstalled. It accepted the authentication this time but I get the following error message when I click on a date on the pop-up calendar. The pop-up does not automatically show my events, but does when I click on "Open Calendar".

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'selectedItem' of undefined (js/popup.js 1567) 

  • Before I investigate, can you try playing with all the buttons and click around in the popup window and the options and tell me if how many issues you encounter, if this is an isolated issue, i'll give it a go, but if there are too many, I won't be able shift my time to supporting this lesser used browser.

  • These are the errors I'm getting on Brave. Also, I cannot get past the Oauth page - Once I click through signing in my google account it ends up getting stuck trying to load through the authorization page

  • Most of the issues seem to be due to not connecting to Google Calendar. I did receive notification from Google that the app was recognized and accepted. When I click on OPEN CALENDAR, it does give me a new tab with my calendar complete with events. It's just the pop-up that doesn't seem to be able to access Google Calendar. As far as I can tell, everything on the options menu seems to work okay.

    When trying to use the pop-up:

    1. Clicking on Search gives me this error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined at getDefaultCalendarId (chrome-extension://hkhggnncdpfibdhinjiegagmopldibha/js/checkerPlusForCalendar.js:2526:85) at async initCalendarDropDown (chrome-extension://hkhggnncdpfibdhinjiegagmopldibha/js/checkerPlusForCalendar.js:3292:30)
    2. Clicking on Refresh just gives me the rotating icon that changes color which continues without refreshing (cannot access Google Calendar to refresh??)
    3. Adding an event: I can enter info but Save button is inactive and I get a pop-up error message when I first click on a date: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'selectedItem' of undefined (js/popup.js 1567)

    Hopefully, this is helpful.

  • @DannyHutto Has anyone here successfully used my calendar extension with Brave? or is this a recent issue with the extension?

  • @Jason It worked up until a few weeks ago. I still am able to use Checker for Gmail on Brave though

  • @DannyHutto So the Gmail extension never worked on Brave?

  • @DannyHutto

    Due to several demands to support this particular browser, I investigated the issue and posted a patch for this issue, reinstall to calendar v25.0.8.2

    Note the realtime syncing of events will be disabled for Brave because of this bug https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/3952, but good new is I'm developing an alternative to be released in the next weeks.

  • Thank you Jason,

    All good now! Cheers!

  • Thank you, Jason. Your attention to this is awesome. Can't wait to hear that the update is ready.

  • @Jason The Gmail extension works perfectly. Sorry for the confusion on that.

    And thank you! I can't wait - This is amazing.

  • Checker Plus for Google Calendar still can't access calendars in Brave:

    Brave Version 0.68.121 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

    Extension Version 25.1.8

    (Also doesn't work in Brave Standard Version.)

    Grant Access:

    Problem with Chrome sign in. Try the Google Accounts sign in instead.

    Account Secure Authentication popup:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'items' of undefined

    Options - Notifications for Calendars - REFRESH:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'items' of undefined at fetchCalendarList (chrome-extension://hkhggnncdpfibdhinjiegagmopldibha/js/background.js:1156:55) at async Promise.all (index 2) at async pollServer (chrome-extension://hkhggnncdpfibdhinjiegagmopldibha/js/background.js:1586:53)

    Enabled this flag in Brave (didn't help):

    Identity consistency between browser and cookie jar

    When enabled, the browser manages signing in and out of Google accounts. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android

    Google Account has 2-factor Authentication:

    Tried a special app password from Google - didn't work on account login from Grant Access process.

    p.s. Gmail extension now works.

    Thanks for any suggestions/assistance.

  • @DavidBrenner Try reinstalling the extension, there is an issue when adding calendars, which I'll be pushing a fix very soon.

  • Appears to have worked, so far - thanks!

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