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Re-ordering accounts with "Add Accounts and stay signed in"

Is it possible to re-order accounts in the "ACCOUNTS / LABELS" tab when "Add Accounts and stay signed in" is selected?

If not, can re-ordering be added?



  • Is this because you want a different sign in order than that which you see listed in your Gmail accounts when you click the account icon in your Gmail webpage?

  • No, I want a different order in the extension's popup.

  • I'm always curious to the reason, can you explain why?

  • Sure. I just prefer to see the accounts I use most at the top.

  • Just curious why don't you sign into your your most used account first then it should work. Refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/5144/ordering-email-accounts#latest

  • The reason I 'don't just sign in in the right order' is because I DID sign in in the right order and then when the new version installed it broke my first account (telling me to refresh or re-add the account) refreshing' didn't work so I re-added, and it stuck it at the bottom. SO I have the choice or removing and re-adding ALL of my accounts again, or... nothing, there is no other option to get it to the top of the list, which is why I too would LOVE to see this option or feature added at some point.

    Of course we only hear from people when something is broken, so let me say, aside form this, the app is great!

  • @MickBurke There is an option to resync with the click of a button https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Sync_sign_in_account_order

  • > why don't you sign into your your most used account first then it should work

    I use your extension for several years already (thanks for developing it!). I have about 10 accounts, some exist from day one, some were added with time. My usage pattern changed with time, some accounts are more active today, some are less active. I'm aware that I can remove all of the accounts and re-login, but that makes it much less dynamic, since I'll have to do that every time I want to change the order. I think that this would be a natural addition for the set of features of the extension, since the order in the popup is managed by the extension.

    The link that you provided proves my point - the guy in that post wanted to change the order but was forced to remove and re-add his accounts.

  • Great news, I finally added the ability to change the account order in the latest v22.10


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