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Popup Reply Window Settings

edited June 2014 in Checker Plus for Gmail


  • So if you click the "Test popup window" link in the options does it work?

    Position from left:Width:
    Position from top:Height:
    Test out popup window!
  • edited June 2014

    PS... I checked out Craved Greens.... awesome :-)
  • Hmm it's definitely working here, ok try uninstalling and re-installing the extension, this will force it to version 17, but dont load your previous options when the prompt comes up
    then try the test link again, also try using the default widths and heights at first
  • edited June 2014
    Hope you both have a great weekend....

  • you must first check the box beside the "Set position and size of external popup"
    ...excuse me for the late response, i was just enjoying marie-eve's wonderful dinner :)
  • edited May 2014
    duh... don't know how I missed seeing the check box...it was plainly in sight as the nose on my face....
    so ...to update... here I got a similar resultant with Checker Plus for Gmail™ 17.1.1 as with the older version... 
    PS hope you take off the weekend for fun and delicious food.. I will be sad if you update this post before Monday :-)
  • When you are on the options page can you go to the Chrome menu > Tools > Javascript Console
    and then enter this line...

    window.screen.availLeft + " " + parseInt(Settings.read("popupLeft"))

    and press enter and let me know what is the result.

    ps. i held off till sunday but bugs bug me :)
  • I hope that I inputted the command line correctly;  cut/paste functionality wasn't available in this context or perhaps I wasn't in the correct location to initiate the command... 
    Below are (1) where/what I typed and (2) the resultant.... 
    PS regarding sunday morning bug exterminations, hope you at least have had a good breakfast, you crazy Green Programmer guy .. now go out and have some fun together with Marie-eve ;-)imageimage
  • PS.. 
    Chrome browser: Version 34.0.1847.131 m
  • Just to clarify you must be in the extension's option page when entering the javascript console and then you can execute that line again. and luck would have it, I have just been served a wonderful breakfast and I just showed marie-eve your coincidental note :)
  • Looks like the command has now been accepted. Below are images showing 1) results of executing the console command while residing on the Extension page and 2) the resultant Popup as it sits on the full screen.  
    Bon appétit !!imageimage
  • So everything seems to be in working condition, my presumption now is that I see you have many other extensions and opened applications that are perhaps interfering with my popup window location, including perhaps windows 7 options also. I would be curious if you could replicate this on another machine.
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