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Multiple notifications



  • @DyaniWood Great news I've found the issue, now on to fixing it, and you confirm my hypthesis.. this person sending you the invites has also shared their calendar with so you the same event twice once as busy for their calendar and once with the added events in your own calendar.

  • Yeah that sounds right! I do have access to the calendar of the person whose events had the multiple notifications. For the event that came up just now, the person has not shared their calendar with me. And the notifications were fine for that one.

  • edited March 2019

    @DyaniWood Good news, I've released v25.0.8 with the fix!

    You can reinstall to force the update or it wait for it and let me know if it's solved.

  • I kept having a similar issues with I keep getting the same desktop notification over and over again for a past event no matter how many times I click the X. Double clicking the refresh button just made it pop up. It seems like it has finally stopped popping up when I opened the notification and then clicked the check mark to dismiss it. This was for a recurring event I created and rescheduled one of the occurrences. I have "clicking X on notification dismisses events" enabled but seems it wasn't working.

  • @BenSnowden try reinstalling the extension and let me know if this happens again, thanks for the details.

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    I seem to have a similar issue, also with, running in Vivaldi however (version 2.4.1488.35, based on Chromium 73.0.3683.88). The events that have caused it are not recurring, and are not created by anyone else. I always add events on calendar.google.com.

    The most recent one is an event for 14:00 today, with notification reminders set 45 minutes and 5 hours earlier.

    Since it's now about 12:40 the reminder that keeps popping up has to be the 5-hour one that I've snoozed a few times. (Not more than 2-3 times, and it's popped up probably over 10 times.)

    The popup happens roughly every minute. Double-clicking refresh didn't help (it just makes the notification appear instantly).

    I reinstalled the extension without restoring settings just a day or two ago.

    As of this writing, the problem seems to have gone away, but I don't think I did anything in particular. I haven't restarted the browser since this started about 15 minutes ago. It *may* have been resolved by opening the popup and clicking the checkmark.

  • I have it again too after reinstall. It is not all notifications that the X stops working. I think the ones that keep reappearing are ones I snoozed for 5 minutes. Then when the notification reappears, the X is not dismissing it for good. I have to open the notification and click the checkmark for the notifications to stop popping up.

  • @BenSnowden i believe the issue is for those using the non default rich notifications. Does this happen with every event?

    Can you repeat this issue by creating a test event in the near future (20 min from now or depending on what your reminders are set), wait for the rich notification and try to dismiss it.

  • OK I setup 2 meetings. I have a 5 and 15 minute notification set. I dismissed the first one by clicking the X. It did not reappear until the 5 minute notification. I clicked the X again to close it and that one never came back. The second I snoozed for 5 minutes at 15 minute notification. It popped back up after 5 minutes (10 minutes until meeting start) so I snoozed it again for 5. Once again it popped up after 5 more minutes so I snoozed it again for 5 minutes. Then it popped up 1 minute after the meeting start time so I clicked the X to dismiss it. Then the notification popped up again a few seconds later. Clicking the X will close it for only a few seconds before reappearing. The only way to make it stop at that point is to click on the meeting name to open the notification window and then click on the checkmark.

  • These are my notification settings

  • @BenSnowden ok excellent rundown of your actions, can I conclude by your statement that it appears that snoozing an event triggers the issue? in other words it will appear again later and it cannot be dismissed.

  • I have only been able to reproduce the issue by snoozing a notification. I haven't tested whether it has to be snoozed after the meeting starts or just any snooze will cause the issue.

  • Yep, I can confirm that snoozing causes the bug. Once it pops up again after the full snooze interval, the X no longer dismisses the event, but rather it pops up again once a minute.

    If you dismiss it on the first notification, it stays away.

  • I do not get bombarded by notification until after the meeting start time though so for me it seems that snoozing works up until the meeting start time. Then the notifications come very quickly after dismissing them.

  • @BenSnowden Ok I've got a fix in v25.0.9 reinstall the extension to force the update. Thank you everyone for your help in finding this tricky one.

  • Hi friends, having these issues as well. I read the previous threads but not really sure where to start. This only started when I re-installed the software. Thank you :)

    There should be one notification at this time.

  • @William Fanning So this particular issue was solved, can you open another thread with the details of which events events are having multiple notifications, are from the same calendar etc.

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