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Multiple notifications

A new problem cropped up today, that I haven't encountered before.  I'm getting multiple notifications for events... 2 to 4? I haven't kept track, so I don't know if it's consistent. I keep getting the Checker for Calendar pop-up and selecting the check mark, but the notification pops up again within a minute, sometimes after a few seconds.

How do I fix this?


  • Which extension version are you using?
  • Can you close the reminder window  then
    Can you try double clicking the refresh button in the pop-up window. And see if that resolves the issue. 
  • When I did that I saw a spinning circle (waiting / processing) for a couple seconds. That then went away. I'll let you know if the issue is resolved after some reminders fire later today / tomorrow. Thanks.
  • ok thanks, if you see issue again, do this after words https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs
  • Ok, for step 3, do I do that within 3 reminder window or is that unnecessary?

  • edited March 2019
    actually both would be great, but my assumption is that reminder will be closed and reset any errors so you won't be able to catch them there.
  • The refresh double click seems to have worked, as I only received a single notification for my afternoon event. Thank you. 
  • I'm having this issue too and double clicking the refresh button didn't seem to work. Pop-up windows keep coming.

    Attached are the two console logs from background and the pop-ups based on the error logs instructions you mentioned here.

  • @DyaniWood Have you tried reinstalling the extension.

  • Just reinstalled. I'll let you know if the issue persists!

  • Well it was good for a while after the reinstall! Just now it started back up again.

  • @DyaniWood Can you identify a pattern to which events are causing issues, recurring events or maybe events with several reminders like before 20min and 10min etc. any details will help me.

  • Ok, I THINK it might be triggered by events that other people have invited me to and I have accepted. Then, if other events are near that time window and show up in the little pop-op too, they also don't get dismissed when I dismiss them. That's the only common denominator I can see so far. I'll keep watching.

  • @DyaniWood I'm also curious how many times you must click dismiss before the go away and how much time before they repopup is it ~1min

  • Yes, it is less than one minute often, and sometimes more close to 2 minutes. And I would say it is not a small number of dismissals but not over 10. So maybe 5 or 6?

  • @DyaniWood wow so consistently 5 or 6 dismalls before it finally goes away. What about reminders per event, how many have you set up?

  • Yeah! I feel bad I don't have firm numbers for you but I can say confidently it's not just two or three dismissals. I looked at the events that other people have created and invited me too, like i was saying before, and those events actually only have one reminder for 30 minutes prior.

  • @MZ_Guy just curious if the issue is stil resolved for you?

  • Yes, seems to be.

  • @DyaniWood Can you tell me if the problematic events are all day events or events set for particular time?

  • They are set for a specific time.

  • @DyaniWood I may have a possible lead, is it possible the issue is affecting only events that have been created by someone else and not by you?

  • Yes, that's the common denominator that I can see too.

  • @DyaniWood Ok is the other person creating the events in a different timezone?

  • Nope, they are not. We're all in the same time zone.

  • edited March 2019

    @DyaniWood ok good we can eliminate that :)

    ok so i'm trying to determine if it's related only to single events or recurring events? (all of which have been created by someone else)

    Let me know if you noticed which one or both.

  • Ha, just looked and it's actually both! One was reoccurring, one was a one-time event.

  • @DyaniWood ok i think you made a statement earlier that might be causing it reminders "triggered by events that other people have invited me to and I have accepted" can you see if you replicate this with a one-time event.

  • There is actually one happening in 1.5 hours. I'll let you know what happens.

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