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2 features that would greatly help

1) For calendar notifications to popup a "modal" form.  I assume you know what I mean by modal.  The form should be forced be in the foreground and will not close until the user either dismisses, sleeps or edits the event.

2) If the the notification is ignored, a sound should be played to nag the user to take care of the missing event.  (possibly pop the form again to the top).

Let me know what you think about adding those feature or at least to force the form to be a modal form.

Thank you,
Greg Hill


  • edited about a year ago
    Chrome API does not support modal windows.
    The nagging sound/reminder is a great idea, it currently exists when you use the "Rich notifications" option, but i'll expose it to the popup window reminder also, it's in my dev queue now.
  • Thank you for the response.
    From install I had Rich Notifications selected.
    It does have a sound and great sound options.
    But to my knowledge, it doesn't nag or make me aware that I didn't take care of an appoint or event.

    I am asking for something like the email has.
    If I don't read my email, I keeps making a sound every 1 minute.

    If I am missing something, please let me know.  As I say, if I ignore an appointment it is gone like it never existed.

    Let me know.
  • You should see this option with the Rich Notifications...

    and my Gmail extension also has a similar reminder every 1 minute with this option...

  • I really preferred a popup like Outlook.
    For the calendar, I can't find the "Repeat Notification".
    I have the page that looks the same but I don't see repeat there.

  • yeah as I stated the repeat option in the calendar only appears when using selecting the Rich Notifications, i'll port that over to the popup window. added to my queue.
  • Sounds good!
    Thank you for the help.
  • ok v25.1 has a reminder option for reminder window also now, thanks for the feedback.

  • edited about nine months ago

    for google calendar chrome extension, i'm trying to understand the animated alarm bell - i don't know how to make it stop rocking!

    i just tried changing the "Show pending notifications" to Off -- but the alarm is still rocking.

    I'd prefer to get a popup modal notification -- didn't it use to do that?

    Screen shot attached

  • @JasperLieber Do you get animated bell upon the first reminder of an event? or does it repeat every x minutes? Can you send me a screenshot of this bell just for context.

  • edited about nine months ago

    screenshot, but it's rocking! if i hover over, the alarm, i see this (with personal stuff blotted out)

  • @JasperLieber Can you try reinstalling the extension and setting that option to Off again.

  • uninstalled / reinstalled -- no rocking alarm icon. maybe that did it!

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