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Background Images Broken?

I think it began today but it's possible I didn't notice it right away... I can no longer set most of the images you have listed for background in The Gmail checker. Most of the bird images work but really very few overall show up at the moment.


  • edited February 2019
    Can you send me a short list of broken ones, cause I just browsed many at random and they all worked.
  • Sure!  I checked each one on the list. If it's not listed I either got a picture background or the theme/colour/font change happened for me.

    Our Cat, Naya
    Bruges night
    Brussel's Atomium
    Le Chateau de Versailles
    Night Skyline
    Paris Bridge
    Paris Metro
    Blueberry-Peach yogurt pie
    Healthy Chocolate Cake
    Hummus with Cilantro Oil
    Oats and Apples
    Sour Cherry Clafoutis
    Spring Pea Salad
    Vegan coconut tart
    zucchini salad
    Nasa Daily Photo
    B&W Street
    Cayo Santa Maria
    Colca Canyon
    Colored Flowers
    Ile St Bernard
    Matsumoto Castle
    Skipping Stones
    Sky & Mountains
    Soccer Solitude
    Tobago - Pigeon 
    Tobago - Store Bay Beach
    Tree Leaves
    Trinidad - Temple in the sea
    Yellow Flowers
    Ceramic Tulips
    Steps and stones
    Tree stumps
    Versailles Floor
    Your Developer

  • woaw,  i'd say that's a long list :)
    so those are definitely working for me.
    Do you have other extensions installed that can be intefering, can you list them?
    Have tried restarting the browser?
  • I have restarted the browser and even my laptop. It is more than possible its an extension, I always forget to check that... If so, I'll update the thread here. :)
  • edited February 2019
    So in the end I turned off all extensions but yours for the time being, restarted Chrome and still no images. Is turning them off in Chrome enough or should I try totally uninstalling them?

    I just checked out the Checker Plus for Homepage for the first time and I checked a few of the pics that don't work in the Gmail extension do work in Homepage. And now looking at Calendar, the same images I listed don't work in that extension. 

    It's weird... I am definitely thinking it is on my end. I'm going to try uninstalling and reinstalling the Checker Extensions.

    Edit: Uninstalled and reinstalled both extensions and still the images do not load. It's really weird.

    Let me know if you need screencaps or something to see if you can help solve it. :)
  • Ok can you set a broken background image in the extension then send me popup error logs https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs
  • 1) ok good info, in that same screenshot can you right click the image name at the end of that red line and copy the full address of that image and send it to me.

    2) Are you able to see load this image in the browser...


  • awesome, I found the issue, it seems for some reason the width of your popup window is 650.000006 slightly off the normal 650. I'll be posting a fix to round this number, but i'm curious what is creating this, do you have other skins or themes added? can you list them?
  • Up until it suddenly disappeared, I only ever used Colored flowers. Same in Calendar, which also isn't showing the skin.

    Unless you mean in Chrome itself. Frankly, I hadn't made any changes in the extensions in a while. The only thing even remotely new is that my ebates extension updated to be Rakuten which was just the other day.
  • ok weird something else might be causing the distortion, i will be pushing an update/fix soon.
  • Awesome! Thanks. :)
  • ok if you reinstall the extensions you will force the update with the fixes.
  • Woo! All fixed!  Thank you so much!
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