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Mouse Back Button in Firefox

Great work on this extension, looking forward to trying the Google Drive one in the near future. Currently using Checker Plus for Gmail on Chrome. Got a friend to check it out on Firefox, came to my attention that the Back Button on the mouse doesn't work within the extension like it does on Chrome. I then tried it myself on Firefox and Firefox Dev to no avail. Please advise.


  • Hmm so I definitely attempted to make this back button work and I believe it does in Chrome can you validate that? Here's the thread for my reference: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/3405/hotkey-improvement
  • The friend here.. It does work in Chrome but not in Firefox Developer Edition, the current page in the browser receives the back/forward event. The link that detects buttons at the link above has no effect with my mouse. I have a Swiftpoint Z mouse with a button 4 and 5 for back and forward.
  • @JimWeiler Hmm so this is tough to resolve because I don't have such a mouse, perhaps you can help me the code is rather simple, maybe anothing property is used instead of the .button or maybe it's a different number being used in Firefox.

    You can visit this page and test it out and see what number comes up https://jsfiddle.net/vwut06jp/1/

    here is the code in my extension...
        $("#openEmailSection").click(function(e) {
            if (e.button == 3) {

  • Unfortunately that does not capture the forward or back button presses at all. When I press the back button, I go back to the previous page. In the mouse driver I can set it anywhere from button 1 - 16.
    I should note that that link has the same behavior in Chrome as it does in Firefox
  • @JimWeiler If you know a developer with those back button mouses they can try debugging my extension to find a solution and let me know.
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