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Adding events from other sources using microformats: hCalendar/h-event, h-adr, h-geo etc

I picked up something from one of the previous forum threads about adding new calendar entries by using the right hand click Checker Plus for Googe Calendar™ menu option to create events from website etc, but when I looked at this option it asks the user to specify the date & time for their entry e.g. Today, Tomorrow or x No of days ahead or to "Set date/time ...". However I am wondering why it just does not pick up & suggest any existing date/tie ranges on the page.

Now my question is this, do you make use of any microformats such as hCalendar, adr, geo etc or the newer h-event etc? And if so should it not be possible to import events from any page that makes use of them as well? 

I read somewhere in the past that Facebook moved towards using microformats a while back, but am wondering if Google and others make good use of them too  and if this is something that your extension can or will be able to handle.



  • I have using a microformat to import facebook events, when you visit a fb event page and open the calendar popup window it will automatically detect the event details for quick adding. However, not sure how prominent this is on other websites.
  • edited February 2019
    Well I was going to mention g+ events as an example, but given Google's decision to shut down g+ for personal use it is not really a good example. But let's say g+ events were still an option for some or Google brings out an improved version of g+ in the near future, what then?

    Actually now that I think about it far better example would be something like:

    Airbnb experiences e.g. this Culture walk: Explore Bohemian Notting hillhttps://goo.gl/Rgv6f2


    Eventbrite e.g. A walking tour of Bankside and Shakespeare’s London https://goo.gl/dZkphR

    Not entirely sure if these sites use microformats but given that they are reasonable big organisations it would not surprise me if they did use web standards.

    In any case there must be lots of other event based websites out there and it would be extremely handy if Checker Plus could handle event data from sites other than Facebook. It would make Checker Plus for Google Calendar™ a complete solution for importing events into Google Calendar. 

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