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Voice notification does not work

I want Checker Plus for Gmail read every of my notification emails however it only reads my first email. All of my emails have the same subject.
I have the same problems on Chromebooks, and Chrome on Mac (latest version of Chrome)


  • The logic for voice reading is this...
    If you receive several simultaneous emails it will only read the first one (I think)
    If you receive several emails in the same thread - it will only read the subject the first time and then only read the email message the subsequent times.
    Does this make sense?
  • Yes, that is the case... is there anyway to let it reads the subject again in every new message in the thread? I'm using Checker Plus as TTS alert for my system and many events will repeat in the future.
  • I will take note of this but since this looks like an edge case, I don't want to overload the options unless many are requesting this.
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