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Items that I've checked as done continue to show up as new

I've had this happen a few times lately.  I check stuff individually or use the double check and items in the past show up in the pop up as new and will say like x days ago.  I have restarted chrome, i have not tried reinstalling checker plus...How to do it without losing settings?  Thanks,


Also I am referring this product to others out there just FYI...I tout the good ones like yours.


  • So I'm aware of one issue related to timezone changes that might reset the last notifications. Have you possibly changed timezone or the times in any way on your computer etc?
  • No change to time zone...now I'm seeing items from 17 days after doing a double check yesterday...Haven't done the double check today because I still have live stuff I'm working today.  I guess I'll reboot, haven't rebooted in awhile and I've been getting memory warning messages, to close chrome...But like i say chrome had an update the other day and I hit the upgrade arrow, and that restarts chrome. The double check icon, checks all items in the window as done, right?  So I just hit the double check icon, and will restart my pc..so we'll see what happens on the next reminder.

  • correct about the checkmark. and yes this could be memory related, as my extension must use the memory to remember the checked items.
    another issue could be too many events or recurring events that are filling up the memory, but we'll get to that if we need to.
  • I have just thought of something else that might a factor.  I have another pc that has Checker on it using the same gmail account...they don't seem to stay in sync...but even that other one didn't show the 17 day old ones....anyway the last pop up on my primary pc worked this time...I'm still working on restarting the pc, closing apps etc.


    this is what i see on the other pc
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