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Question Regarding Permissions

I am a Learning Coach at a middle school and am interested in sharing this extension with my students but have some concerns. It asks for permissions to "See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar". What exactly does this mean? That the add-on can edit and delete events/calendars? Change permissions? I want to make sure there won't be any issues before I share with students. The Google Calendar will run through their school generated Google account. Thanks for the response!


  • A follow up to that-- Is there any way to be able to quick add from a Google Doc? My teachers have digital "boards" in Google Docs that list homework and upcoming assessments. Can events be added from there or only web pages? (I can't seem to make it work in a Doc)
  • Great question, from time time Google changes these messages that allows developers to fine tune the minimal permissions required for an extension to function. I will revisit the permissions and see if I can have the user opt-in to lesser common functions such as editing calendars themselves, the extension really only contains code to edit events currently.

    As for the Google Doc as long as it's opened in a tab then you should be click the calendar icon and click the icon beside the Where field.

  • Thank you for such a quick response! For the Google Doc-- when I do this it just adds the link to the document as the "where" rather than finding the text I select. Example- on the document it says "Math test on February 14". Ideally, I would like to be able to select that text and have it add to my calendar on that date.
  • another good suggestion, as I noticed unlike other webpages, Google Docs has it's own right click menu, so you can't see the regular right click menu which would allow you to do this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Add_the_current_browser_tab_to_your_calendar
  • I too am not happy about Google Calendar permissions options (see screenshot) in general.

    I feel it is lacking at least one additional option and I have serious concern with granting permission to calendar "contributors" i.e. people that contribute events but not make changes to anything but their own entries. With the "Make changes to events" permission it appears they are able to edit all events and not just their own. Furthermore they are able to "Restore or permanently delete events from the calendar's Trash" which is even more concerning as it implies that not only are they able to edit and potentially delete calendar entries they can also permanently delete (or restore) events form the calendar's Trash. So not only allowing someone to delete an entry but to also cover tracks and make it impossible to track such unwarranted actions.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but does this not seem odd?

    I submitted my "feedback" to Google via their Calendar help page about this and I would love to see Google add another option for "contributors" with permissions somewhere in between "See all event details" and "Make changes to events", but I am not holding my breath that this will ever materialise.

    Unless I missed the obvious I suspect there is no easy solution for this unless some form of abstract layer to interface with the calendar in the backend is deployed to handle permissions outside Google Calendar, but this sounds like a totally different ball game.

  • @TangoAirO Well some good news, is that given the feedback from @AmandaColeman I have just reduced the permissions in my latest extension version. Previously the permission were read/write access to the calendars themselves, like deleting them. But now I have removed that unnecessary permission as the extension never had that option. I am now using only the permissions in green which are focused on only reading the calendar list accessing the events. FYI these are the only permissions sets a developer can currently choose from.

  • Sorry Jason but I am not entirely sure I follow. Are you saying that anyone using the extension will not be able to delete entries they have not created?

    Even if that is the case, in order for any person to be able to write to a Google Calendar they will need to be granted either the "Make changes to events" or "Make changes AND manage sharing" option on the Google Calendar in question. So even if your extension can prevent unwarranted delete actions (whether accidental or intentional) for say a shared community or school calendar, there is nothing form them opening up the calendar and performing this action on the Google Calendar directly.

    I think this is a real issue for shared group calendars rather than personal calendars and Google Calendar seems to predominantly focus on the latter which is a shame as I and undoubtedly a growing number of users are utilising it as a shared resource.
  • @TangoAirO Yes sorry my statements here are also only related to personal calendars not shared calendars - as you can see from the permission sets they have not given me access to those specific permissions. You've done well to contact Google about your concerns.
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