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Suggestion: Use "Event" month as default in popup rather than "Current" month

When clicking the Checker Plus icon to import a new Facebook event into Google Calendar the popup defaults to the current month rather than the month of the Facebook event.

This is not ideal for various reasons. It does not provide an instant overview of what else is taking place around the same dates. there could be similar events or potentially even duplicates which will not immediately be obvious as the current view does not highlight them and it also does not provide easy access to existing events around the same dates if need be e.g. if a similar looking event already exists you may want to open this first to check before adding the new event to the calendar.

Other valid use case scenarios: There are times when it is not advisable to add events to a calendar, perhaps if lots of other events are already happening at the same time or it could be that adding the event to another alternative calendar would be a better choice.

As it currently stands we rely on everyone checking the Google Calendar before using the Checker Plus import which is a shame as everything could be done instantly in one place and without having to navigate back and forth and through various months on the calendar (at times many months ahead).  All this would be far simpler to accomplish if the event month is set as the default month instead of the current month or if there was a way to change the default settings to accomplish this.

On average I estimate that the overall additional mouse clicks (for us that is) incl. flipping between browser tabs/windows and between Google Calendar and Checker Plus popup windows, is somewhere in the region between 6 - 12 extra clicks. This is why I am suggesting this for your consideration.


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