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Customize context menu for Checker Plus for Google Calendar

One of the most useful features for me is the "quick add" which works great! (thanks).
I would, however, like to be able to customize the context menu that currently is very long, and for me (and probably many other users), it would be great to minimize based on our preferences.

Thanks a lot!
= )


  • Do you have any suggestion for quick settings to choose from? for instance instance compact? and what would that represent?
  • Thanks for the quick responses.
    In the add-on options menu, I would have tick boxes to customize the context menu:
    [ ] Display "quick add"
    [ ] Display all day options
    [ ] Display specific hour options (for every [ ] 30 [ ] 60 minutes)
    [ ] Display "set time/date" option

    Ideally (I do not know if this is possible) have an option to have "quick add" as a separate item on the top level context-menu (not requiring to get to the checker sub-menu).

    Thanks again for the quick response and add-on.
    The functionality of quick add (that does not work with Google's native add-on), is what make this so useful to me, and encouraged me to contribute.

  • ok v25.1 detects if text is currently select on the page and it will only present you with the Quick Add link in that case, however, i've been getting some complaints so I might have to opt for the option idea like you mentioned at a later time.

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