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None of the desktop notifications seem to work...


I've installed the "Checker Plus for Google Calender" extension today, since I couldn't get the native notifications to work no matter what.

I've gone through all the steps on: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Notifications_are_not_working

But unfortunately to no avail...


  • Are you getting any notifications from the Chrome browser at all? Websites or other extensions?
  • Just turned on Checker Plus for Gmail and made a test, the notification does come through, unlike Checker Plus for Google Calender
  • When you click the little bell icon what happens?
    And are you using the Popup Window as the default option?

  • I've tried to use all of the available Desktop Notifications, but to no avail unfortunately. All the test notifications, triggered by the bell icon, work just fine however.
  • ah ok so the test works, it just your actually calendar events that are not triggering notifications, that one is more complicated because there are all sorts of reasons your calendar events maybe not have reminders set them for them or for their associated calendar. Are the calendar events showing up in the top popup window accessible via the calendar icon button?

  • Not sure if you mean this, butt it basically finishes the timer/reaches the time on the icon, and then switches to the next one, without any notification present, other than the change of the icon...
  • yes correct, and which Desktop notification option are you using? Popup Windows, Rich notification or Text notificaiton?
  • Currently on Popup window, though I have made some tests with the other options also

  • Let's try reinstalling the extension ,and use the deafult options. Then if the issue persists well continue searching. 

  • Just reinstalled, and did some tests with a minute or two ahead for sample events, still no notification, but now the icon is also stuck on 1d, instead of 1m or 2m
  • Do you get notifications on other devices for your calendar events? like your phone?
    Have you set notifications for each event or calendar in your google calendar?
  • Completely forgot about notifications per calendar, turning them back on, seems to have solved my problem! Sorry for not figuring this out earlier...
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