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Desktop notifications "popup window"

Is there a setting where this notification could be "sticky"; in other words stay on top of all other open windows.  Often times I'm very busy when this pops up, and I have to finish work in other windows, which causes this notification to become "lost/forgotten" as it does not stay on top of all open windows.  I know you have your "rich notification" that opens and is sticky in the lower right hand corner, however I like pop up one much better. Thank you!


  • Unfortunately the windows OS does not support sticky windows. But perhaps we can find another method to remind you of popup window, what do you think of the "show pending notifications reminder" when Rich Notifications are selected? you can use the bell button to test it out.

  • Interesting, as I have two other programs I use daily that have "sticky" windows.  Our company uses an instant message system call Brosix, and it actually has a "switch" you can turn on and off regarding making their popup notification "sticky" or not (and their main dialogue box can be switched "on" so that it is "always on top" in windows), and another application I use called "ticktick", their notifications are 100% sticky (always on top).  Both of these programs notifications stay "on top" in the windows 10 operating system.  Thanks.
  • Thanks for the info. A little caveat, "Chrome" initiated windows don't support the sticky attribute. Technical info for me - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13574825/chrome-extension-create-window-alwaysontop
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