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Sound notifications don't work if media.autoplay.default is set to 1

Using FireFox 65 64bit and Win 7. So after realizing I was receiving emails but not getting any sound notifications for them I started investigating. Eventually I figured out it was some tweak I made in about:config -- the "media.autoplay.default" setting. I disabled it to stop videos from autoplaying because they're annoying. Unfortunately this also prevents sound notifications when you get emails. 

There's also a quirk in the Notifications tab when autoplay is disabled. When you open Notifications tab the first time upon loading the browser and you click the Play icon there's no sound. It will just show the Stop icon forever. You click the Stop icon and it shows the Play icon again. You click the Play icon and then it'll play the sound. Just an indicator it's not working right.

Is there a way to fix this? I refuse to enable autoplay because like I said it's obnoxious as hell when video or audio does that.  Oh yea I also noticed that even with autoplay enabled I don't get sound notifications when browser launches.


  • I've discovered that if you have autoplay disabled and you go to the Notification tab and click Play, Stop, and Play again to hear the sound, then sound notifications work again for emails.

    I saw in the FAQ for notifications that it says we don't get re-alerts for latest unread emails so that answers the last sentence in my OP. I think that should be optional to have re-alerts but whatever.
  • Thanks for the feedback, but I won't support those config browser treaks unless they become part of the standard options. This does not mean i am in favor of autoplay, just to be clear. 
  • @Jason ; It looks like they're making this a standard option for FF66. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/block-autoplay 

    Maybe you can get a head start on this?
  • I have lots on my plate, and generally config flags are attached to beta code, ill prioritize should the issue occur as a standard option.
  • Gotcha. Thanks for the replies.
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