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Reminders keep poping up at the top of my screen under linux

Hi Jason,

I haven't used the extension in a long time because my chrome under linux mint 17.2 was too old I guess...
Now that I upgraded to LM 19.2, it's back up and running... however I am having a problem (I think)
Looks like the reminders keep poping up after about 1 minute when I click FERMER. The only way I can have it stop for a while is by snoozing the reminder.
Is this wanted or are there certain things that I didn't configure right?

Thanks for letting me know.

Merci de l'aide. Bonne semaine.



  • You must click the checkmark to dismiss all the reminders, clicking the x will only temporarily close the reminder window for 5 minutes.
  • Ok thank you Jason. I will check next time it pops up to see if I can see a checkmark, however I don't recall seeing one but I'll let you know.
  • Jason, here are the only two options are offered to me. There is no checkmark. I DO get the checkmark however, in the window that lists all my tasks for the day. I don't get the same window under Linux anymore.
    I bet the notification I get is from chrome itself, right?

    Thank you
  • Here's what I get.... the screen is empty when I click on the tasks in order to get the details:

  • ah so it seems you changed the default notifications to "Rich notifications" instead of the "Popup window", this window should show you the dismiss buttons.

  • You are perfectly right! Gosh you are good! 
    I love your super quick turn around time getting back to your users! Amazing. THank you Jason.
    I will contribute with the account jessicandpierre to thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Pierre
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