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Name not showing up correctly when replying through the popup/dropdown or whatever it is called

If I reply inline in the extension then my name gets replaced with my email account name instead of my actual name.  If I reply in Gmail directly then I get the last screenshot:


  • So the extension doesn't know your name, that's probably why, try using the menu button just to the right of the account and "Set Account Icon" that should also pull your name, but I can't remember, let me know.
  • Thanks for a quick reply, but I do not know what you mean by the "Set Account Icon".  I don't know where I would find this.
  • From this menu here ...

  • I don't have this.  It is greyed out.

  • Also interesting is that this seems to work fine with my full name showing in my personal email replies, but is changed to email for my work email.
  • And I can see the grayed out link in my personal email.
  • I got it.  It was an issue with not being a paying customer.  I had only paid on my personal account.  I made a small donation for my other one and clicked the now not grayed out link and everything is working now.  Thanks!
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