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Still being notified of muted conversations

I've muted a conversation in the Gmail UI, but the extension continues to notify me of new messages in it.


  • edited about three weeks ago
    Are you monitoring All Mail or inbox labels? When you mute a file it simply removes the inbox label, if you monitor any other label it might have (such as all mail) then you will get notified of it
  • My account settings only have "Open label: Inbox" and "System labels: Inbox"
  • Can you verify what labels are assigned to that muted email? do you see it in your inbox in the Gmail UI
  • Only "muted", gmail removes the inbox label when you mute it
  • Does the email show up in my popup window if you mark it as unread?
  • No.  I wonder if it has to do with only having the muted label?
  • edited about three weeks ago
    So I have experienced issues with Gmail pushing an email and then suddenly the label was changed after, I even had spam in my inbox and then seconds later it seems Gmail realized it moved it to spam. Perhaps this happened with the muted email. If you can systematically reproduce this with other emails let me know.
  • Ok, I've muted this conversation here too.  Post a reply and we'll see if it still notifies me.  I only pressed "m" in the Gmail UI, so it's currently only labeled "muted".

  • Yep, got notified.  Looks like Gmail puts it back into the inbox while still having the muted label.

  • hmm surprisingly this issue has never been raised leading to me think it's isolated or temporary. i also recall muting at one point but not seeing any issue. which detection method are you using 1 or 2 https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods
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