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Reply includes me

When I reply all within the preview window, I get the email sent to me as well.  Can this be changed?


  • That shouldn't explicitly happen unless that email you replied to was perhaps sent to 2 of your email addresses?
    Does this issue happen with every email you reply to?
  • I think I figured it out.  I use an alias jasoncase@byu.net.  I receive and reply based on who the email was too.  Looks like if my gmail email is not the receiving email address then is adds my alias in as well.  Any way to get around that?
  • The reply might react differently depending on which detection method you are using 1 or 2 https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods
    but I have no solution right now for it.
  • This happens for me as well. If I reply all, I'm caught up in the reply as welll (getting a new email from myself when i'm replying to the one they sent to me).

    It's not an alias, I do have 3 different gmails it's fetching, but they're in 3 separate 'accounts' and the email is definitely from me, to me (and the others)

  • @ryan.moore Can you try method #2 as referenced in my previous comment above and see if that helps solve the issue.

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