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Calendar keeps reverting to show only 1 meeting

After the recent update, when I click the extension the events for today successfully load (see first screenshot) but then about ~2 seconds later, the extension refreshes and only 1 meeting is shown which is a daily recurring meeting (see second screenshot).

I've tried re-authenticating and that didn't resolve the problem. I'm not sure what else to try for troubleshooting steps.

1st Screenshot

2nd Screenshot: 


  • Hmm that is strange, as there should be a vertical scrollbar present, given all those events, but it's not showing. Do you have any other extensions or screen zoom settings that might be interefering?
  • ok I've discovered the issue, it's tied to the recent Chrome browser update. I will be pushing a fix out in the next days, thanks for the helpful feedback and screenshot.
  • Oh excellent! Glad that my screenshots were helpful. Thanks so much for your work on this extension, it's a life saver :)
  • Ok, the fix is in v25.0.2, you can wait for the automatic update or reinstall the extension to force it now.
  • Amazing, thank you! Confirmed, working perfectly again.
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