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Firefox Sync error - "about-sync noticed a sync failure" quota exceeded only with installed Addon

Hello, I use and appeciate three of your checker addons really much. But now I need to deactivate the Checker Plus Calender Addon, if  I don't want to get the following error message when syncing firefox.
Do you have any idea, what the problem could be. For some people I red are other addons the cause for this error. But in my case this error comes definitely only when your addon is installed. The other ones Checker Drive und Gmail don't generate this error. I tried many things and don't know what I could do and whom to write exactly. Maybe you know what the problem is. Thank you in advance. Greeting.

Error message-part of the sync log  is :
1548715609044    Sync.Engine.Extension-Storage    ERROR    Syncing checkerplusforgooglecalendar@jasonsavard.com: request failed: Error: HTTP 507 Insufficient Storage: Resource access is forbidden for this user (Collection maximum size exceeded (209086 > 204800 Bytes).)(resource://services-common/kinto-http-client.js:2645:5) JS Stack trace: ServerResponse@kinto-http-client.js:2645:5


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