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Missing Inbox by Gmail icon

Hi Jason,

Not sure why the extension now defaults to gmail instead of Inbox.
I've checked the settings and can't find the inbox icon in the account section.
I will probably uninstall and reinstall the extension but wanted to check with you first in case you wanted to run some checks or get some logs...


  • Since Google announced they will no longer support Inbox this year, I have preemptively removed it from my extension in the latest version. More info https://support.google.com/inbox/answer/9117840
  • Thanks. Would be nice to leave the feature available at least until Google stops supporting it, ideally even a bit longer for those (like me) who prefer inbox...
  • I know it was difficult decision, the Inbox feature were quite visible and I didn't want to promote them any further in the extension. And there were extra permissions required just for inbox to reach inbox.google.com which I was eager to remove to minimize the permissions as I'm always looking to do.
  • There is still time and I would like to have it back. 
  • @RecepBaltaş Sorry, but I've just pushed this change gradually in the last week to all my users and there has been very little noise on the issue, leading me to assume most people have moved off of inbox and over to Gmail. I also just learnt that March is the end date for inbox support, so only 2 months.

  • Came here to check i wasn't going mad and that the Inbox support had disappeared. Sad to see it removed. Even sadder that Google are dropping Inbox. 
  • edited January 2019
    buttons i found what format do they need to be
    (Jason comment: ok noted)
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