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Initial Chrome Load Email Notification

Is there a way to disable or turn off the notification that always pop up when I first launch or relaunch Chrome? It only shows a list of bunch of old emails that I don't need to be notified about, and even though it is just a minor inconvenience, I'd rather not have to dismiss it every time I first open Chrome.


  • Hmm there might be another underlying issue because my extension should only notify you of "new" unread emails. Are these always the same old email unread emails?
  • It's always the most recent 20 unread emails. I tested it by sending myself another email without opening any other emails:

    image  image
  • You don't perhaps have this option checked ... ?
  • I do not. That was actually one of the first things I checked.
  • I found a fix by enabling that option, restarting Chrome, then disabling the option and restarting Chrome again. After that, the notification does not show up anymore.
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