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Suggestion: Checker Plus calendar "wrapper" package potential

Google does not appear as interested in refreshing their legacy embedded Calendar offering alongside their main Calendar App. It has now been something like 2 years or so since their last major Calendar refreshed and the embedded calendar is looking well dated. It seems Google is not overly concerned with the countless users of legacy embedded Google calendars which have somewhat been forgotten about.

I have seen various attempts by developers at creating calendar wrappers over the years for styling purposes etc, but none provided support or updated their code post Google API changes. However you seem far better placed from a business model/product support point of view and predominantly focus on extensions that interact with Google product, so perhaps this might be an opportunity for you.

My suggestion is as follows:

Create a sort of Checker Plus "wrapper" package based on your existing chrome-extension popup.html for use on users websites as a replacement for the substandard iFrames solutions containing legacy embedded Google calendars. 

I imagine this could be a slimmed down version of your existing code as the requirement is predominantly on viewing and displaying calendar events. Users needing full functionality would still use you extension. And any future enhancements to your Checker Plus for Google Calendar extension (e.g. my other suggestion about displaying Google Keyword and Facebook Header images) could filter through to this "wrapper" package, unlike Google's lack of support for their embedded calendar, potentially making it an invaluable addition to your product or "Extra features".

By my reckoning there are countless users of embedded calendars out there, so potential for this could be significant IMO and it could very well have a positive effect on user growth.


  • Have you seen my new Checker Plus Homepage, it makes use of my extensions as widgets https://jasonsavard.com/homepage
  • Wow ... that is awsome! No idea how I overlook this.

    Are we be able to use this widget and if so will it work on all browsers without the extension installed?

    Also if this is the case is it fair to assume the widget relies on your ver=20 js/css?

  • edited about a month ago
    No, currently this will only work if you have the extension installed. It's still a beta release, but ill take note of embedded calendar idea.
  • Thank you Jason, this would be superb )
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