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Suggestion -Installation checklist

This may already be hiding somewhere amid the many topics in this forum.  I think it would be helpful if, on the initial set-up options that pop up when you first install the app, there was a checklist with every selection that must be made for the app to work correctly.  For example:

1. Go to Settings/System/Notifications and actions and turn on "Get notifications from apps and other senders".
2.  In Settings/System/Notifications turn on "Chrome" under "Select a sender ......
3.  Go to your calendar.  Select "Settings" and  ..... blah blah blah
4.  Etc.
5.  Etc.

At the present time it appears that these items are spread around in answers to various problems. Even the comprehensive https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Notifications_are_not_working is "after the fact".  I think it would be much better to have all these actions up front when you first install the app.

Same suggestion applies to Checker for Gmail with specific actions.


  • It's a good suggestion, I do constantly update FAQs, but very people encounter issues with the actual notifications. Note that the calendar notifications themselves are slightly different that the Gmail ones. Since they use a regular popup window.
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