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disable mark all as read

Is there any way to disable Mark all as read option in icon right click action?


  • No, but is there a particular reason why?
  • Refresh and Mark all as read is too close. Several times I click on wrong action ;-).
  • @Jason

    Can I second this request - or maybe even suggest the moving of this option?

    My workflow is that I have X email accounts, and if an email is unread that means I still have to process it, currently I have 15 unread emails over several accounts.

    If I accidentally click the "Mark all as read" its a nightmare to undo and means things can get missed.

  • @John Owens ok perhaps i can move it further away from the refresh.

  • Sounds great - look forward to it. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the update - much appreciated.

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