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"mark as read" doesn't work properly

I have the problem with extension for months, it doesn't mark mails as read, i click, it hides the mail and all seems to be ok, but in half-minute it appears again. And this happens almost to all emails in several gmail accounts. Only sometimes it really mark as read.
Or for example it marks as read 4 mails of 10, and i got 6 "new" mails again and again, no matter how much times i mark them as read. "mark as read all" doesn't help as well. The only way to remove this new mails - to mark mails as read through gmail web-page.

I tried to install-reinstall the extension, i tried to re-login to my accounts, but nothing helps.

I have no other extensions installed that are connected with gmail. I use gmail app on my phone as well.

How can i remove this problem and get the extension work as it supposed to be? It going to be useless if i'm getting the same letters as not read all the time and i can't remove them from checker.

Thanks in advance for your help


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