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Feature request: Visual indicator when composing an email

It would be nice if there was a visual indicator while composing an email using the extension. 

As the screen short indicates, Gmail has the inner text "New Message" which probably can be modified using properties from the onclick origination, and coloring it from the default gray to another color (hopefully can be picked up from the theme that the extension is set to) to be pretty awesome. 


  • I'm not sure I understand because Gmail can already be setup to send emails from other accounts and the from should be automatically displayed as you can see in my screenshot...

    Also what do you mean by indicator while composing? is it not evident that this a Compose Mail window? sorry if it sounds weird, but i'm trying to better understand the request.

  • I appreciate you replying back. At the moment, I have three gmail accounts that are tied to checker plus. as you can see in my screenshot, i dont have a from field. When i use the pencil icon to compose a new email from inside checker plus, it pops open a new compose window, but there is no way of knowing which email I am actually using. So my feature request (if it makes sense) is to have the ability to differentiate which checker plus pencil icon was clicked and maybe style that. In my original email, i just used dev tools to modify the element as PoC

  • ah ok thanks for clarifying, I will add it to my queue for investigation but no promises as manipulating an interface that Gmail owns can change at any time and nullify my coding.
  • Thats fair. Instead of perhaps changing the interface for email, it might be a better option to inject a dismissible toast or card to show which account. Thanks! 
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