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Suggestion: recent emails from contact (sender)

This was until recently relatively accessible from standard gmail - not so now. Would be great to have a button to perform that search and show the results, ideally, in a side window. Thanks.


  • Yeah I noticed that too :(
    So I found a way to still do find them.
    In Gmail hover over the contact
    Click Edit Contact
    Click Cancel
    Scroll to the bottom and you'll see Interactions.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply, and the tip. Unfortunately that does not work in my case (I've tried Chrome and Firefox).

    When I hit "edit contact", a new tab gets open with the full list of contacts, none selected, no chance to cancel. I guess this is a mistake from google, too. 

    I'm using the corporate version of gmail.

    Ah ok I tested with a regular gmail account and it works for these. So annoying from them!

    Thanks again!
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