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Mixed fonts usage UI (possible CSS error)

OSX 10.11.6
Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I noticed that there is mixed font usage in the drop-down menu for Drive. The main panel showing the file list is wrong aswell as the title in the top left.
Perhaps there is some css error somewhere? Looks like some isnt right, since some do show properly

Ive also attached a screenshot for you


  • hmm yeah that's ugly, just curious what does it look like in the options page of drive etc?
    also are the Gmail and Calendar extensions ok looking?
  • Hi Jason,

    sorry to get back to this later. I think i missed the email.

    Iv attached a screengrab of the options windows. This shows jsut fine, you meant the options menu from dotted menu in the top right, correct?

    PS one thing is weird though. At the bottom it show 3 buttons to revoke access and such. But it also shows 3 files from my drive here??? They are the bulleted list at the right shown below

  • ok thanks for the screenshot
    and those are the muted files that you can reset with the button, but yeah i guess i should better design that, thanks again.
  • Perhaps make a 3 column div or so with a white section contain those files. Add a header "Muted files". I made 2 quick mockups how it could look. Perhaps the vertical one is better as all settings are from top to bottom. Also would show nicer if that list of muted files if long. It makes sense than to show as the last item in the list since this is a dynamic list.

    The current method using a column will create a big gap in the UI if the list is long. Stacking these 3 buttons will look nice i think.

    It was just an idea, perhaps you like it. 

  • Awesome, I love it when users suggest ideas and designs :) This will be in the next version...

  • edited January 2019
    Cool! That was a rapid prototyping you did. Glad i could help :)
    PS i did add a title to that section because i wasnt sure it belongs to notifications. 
    I see you changed the blue hue as well, you change the checkbox as well than i guess. Its a nicer color indeed.
  • Great Job on the updates Jason!!!!

    I see the new design is now added. Also the other issue with wrong fonts displaying is fixed.

    PS i did not see any of these updates in your changelog. Do you only add critical issues?

  • Good observation, I had to do a quick update and sometimes I forget the changelog. Can you send me a screenshot of the new look on your machine. Glad you noticed, surprised you already got it cause i only pushed it to 5% of my users.

  • OW okay that is cool that you can do that. Some sort of soft launch, thats nice. I do have the dev mode on in chrome>extensions. Perhaps that helps?

    It looks just like the mockup you showed earlier. I did thought you forgot it or something since it was about 2 months ago we talked about it or do you have that many bugs to squash?

    This is on OSX 10.11.6 and just had to update Chrome, which is super weird because i have auto update on. Not sure how that is possible because it always worked fine. I was at 70... something and was notified by you extension when i tried looking for this post.

  • Actually I was curious about the popup window screenshot, and yes I have bugs on a daily basis, probably cause every few months i push many features.

  • I guess you mean the extension main popout menu right?

    Looks super clean now with the updated material design of google and the proper fonts.

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