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Looks like email for another person, but how?!

I just received an email, an from the preview it looks like it was addressed to the wrong person:

In English: "Hi Anastasia Ku".

Ok, I'm expanding it and...

This is the correct (my) name - "Hi Oleg".

Any ideas how the wrong name appeared in the preview?


  • Do you see the same discrepancy from the Gmail website?
  • I've tried to reproduce this issue using gmail web inteface, but everything is ok there.
  • Is "Anastasia" related to anything in the email? Is this a spam email?
  • Wow... I've marked these email as unread and... third person:

  • These emails are not a spam, just a reminder. Something like "you have an account on our site, check your details and update if required". So similar emails could be send in bulk to multiple persons
  • I've just check this site and at least the last person "Максим Груничев" has an account as well. And again, if I open it in the gmail web ui, everything is ok, my name instead of this one.
  • Can you click the "show original" for that email in your Gmail and see if the word "Anastasia" is found there.

  • Ok, thanks, now it's slightly less mysterious thing... Emails from this site are base64-encoded multiparts. The first part is a plain text (base64-encoded) and contains wrong information (addressed to the Anastasia), the second one - html (base64-encoded) and contains correct information (addressed to me). So, seems like the preview uses the first one. The puzzle has been solved, thanks.
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