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Is Checker Plus for Gmail no longer available on Opera? No more voice notification?

Not only did Checker Plus quit working on my Opera browser earlier tonight, but when I removed it and tried to reinstall, I found that it no longer appears among the extensions offered by Opera. Typed the full name into the search bar, didn't come up. So, I opened Firefox, updated it and installed Checker Plus. The feature that has made this my favorite add-on of all time is the voice notification, and I can't seem to find the setting to enable that on the Firefox install.

So, 1) is this really no longer available on Opera (I'm willing to go back to Firefox if that's what it takes.), and 2) is voice notification really gone? Thanks.


  • I never supported Opera, only Firefox and Chrome. Firefox still has some limitations such as the voice and buttons in the notifications etc. But the Chrome supports every latest feature.
  • Wow, thanks for the fast response, Jason. It certainly worked perfectly on Opera until last night. As I said, I'd be willing to go back to Firefox to get that lady back into my life to announce my incoming mail, but Chrome is a bridge too far. I'll sure miss her. Never even knew her name. Thanks again.
  • Figured out how I'd been able to run your totally excellent extension on Opera. I'd forgotten that Opera supports an extension that allows you to install Chrome extensions. So, I've been reunited with the email lady, and all is well with the world. Thanks again, Jason. I apologize for not previously having clicked the support button, but that has now changed. Keep up the great work.
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