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Voice notifications for non-existent email

First off, thanks much for Checker Plus and the voice notifications.  I work at home and being able to hear important emails come in when I'm away from my desk is a godsend. 

Within the past couple of weeks or so, however, I've been getting voice notifications for emails that don't show up on the notification pop-up. And when I try to locate them in gmail, they don't exist.  And I've looked not only in the regular Inbox but in Spam and Trash as well.

1) Is there a way of replaying a voice notification? That might help me to locate the issue.
2) What could be happening?


  • Have you checked the all mail folder ? Do the voice readouts appear like emails you normally receive ? 
  • I figured it out.  I had another email signed into CheckerPlus and that's where those voice notifications were coming from.  I've signed that secondary email out and the problem is fixed.

    But I have another question.

    After I made a contribution, I was playing with the new options but didn't know if they were taking or not.  So I closed Chrome and re-opened it up again.  The CheckerPlus icon is now grayed out and I'm getting this email when I click on it:

    "Too many unread emails. Use the Add Accounts option instead!"

    When I click the "Add Accounts" button, I go back into Checker Plus options but don't know where I'm supposed to be adding accounts.  

    What should I do to get Checker Plus working again?
  • I figured this one out too.  Apparently when I try to add a new sound to the Social tab, I get that too many emails error.  So I guess that new sound label option isn't working for me?
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