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Requesting "mark as completed" option

In short, I have a calendar on my google calendar service that is dedicated to scheduling items on my to-do list. I'd like a one-click option to mark those events as completed once I've finished them. Ideally, it'd also be nice if that "completed" notation synced with a to-do list somewhere. I've used a number of them, but never really settled on one I really like. 

Also, I donated and I really like the snooze option you made that lets you move events on your calendar to a new time when you snooze them. I'll try that for a while and see if that's becomes a good option in my scheduling process to somewhat negate my need for marking events as completed. But, don't get me wrong, I still think a quick option for marking or moving events to a new calendar would be still would be really nice for even more reasons than just marking them as completed.

The longer version:
I've been wanting a quick option for this for quite a while. I've tried different to-do list services but it seems like having my tasks on my calendar has been the most effective for me to actually get them done since I'm at least attempting to set aside some time for them and they're organized alongside other appointments I have. It's also useful for keeping track of how long I've spent on a task. I realize Google has their own task list on the right hand side of google calendar, but for me at least, that has only served as a place to make notes and forget about them. like a sort of "to-do wish list" that never gets any attention. It has not been very conducive to actually getting things done for me. Even though you can schedule tasks from there, it's not intuitive to reschedule it if needed and it only lets you schedule a date not a time for the task (grr! otherwise it might be a good option for me).

In any case, with my current method, I do sometimes miss some tasks that I have on my calendar because other stuff comes up. When I have spare time again, I'll go back and find the tasks I've missed, and reschedule them for another day or time. The problem is, it can get a bit unwieldy to sort through the tasks I've completed and only reschedule the ones I haven't. I've wished for a long time there was an easy way to check off tasks that are done, so they'll then either go to a different "completed" calendar or add some notation to the title of the event and change the color of the event. Such as, adding "completed - " to the beginning of the title of the event once it's been checked off, and also change the color to grey or something. 

Here's an example:
Someone else who has gotten themselves stuck in the same situation as me (haha):

Her solution is unfortunately rather time consuming. I basically use this method now to move appointments I've had to an "invoiced" calendar to keep track of which ones I've billed for. I really don't want to have to do this for each of my to-do list items. Checking something off your to-do list should be satisfying, not a headache. 


  • p.s. If you're not very interested in this project / if too much work is involved. I might be interested in hearing how much it would cost to cover some of your labor on this project. Let me know. 
  • Sorry but my extension is already pretty extensive and I'm not currently prepared to extend it in this direction for now, but if I get more noise on this subject I may investigate it. ps. I'm not available for hire.
  • I understand. Thank you for taking your time to reply. 😊
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