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Missing reminder

I recently created a new calendar for recurring tasks and am trying to get the reminders set up.  I'm creating my tasks as all-day events.  As a  test, I created two events:  One for today with a reminder 0 days before at 8:00 and one for tomorrow with a reminder 1 day before at 8:00.  (I realize that the time part isn't exposed so it wont work.)  Today I got a reminder for the event tomorrow, but not for the one today.

Any idea what I can try?



  • edited about six months ago
    Just to understand the language... when you say recurring task, do you mean a mean one time event or an actual recurring event as saved in your Google Calendar?
    When you say task do you mean Google Calendar event or a Google Task?
    Also your test is indicating two events which complicates my our tests, can the issue just be replicated with one event which has 2 reminders (1 day before and 1 for the day of)?
  • For my test, I used a one-time event.  It's stored in the Google Calendar as an all-day event.

    I'll set another event for tomorrow and see if I get the reminder.
  • This is definitely still happening for me -- I'm getting reminders for some events, but not all.  Is there something I can do to help narrow down the issue?

  • Can you recreate a reminder that systematically fails?
    or take one that you remember failing and copy it and set it again to see if it fails again - then we can work with that one.
  • Yesterday I created a new all-day task with a reminder.  I did not get a notification today from Checker Plus (though I did get one on my phone).
  • Can you send me a screenshot of the details of that event?
  • Ah found it, you are using an actual Google Task instead of a Google Calendar event, as I see by the words "Recurring Tasks" under notifications. Sorry but tasks are not supported by my extension, more info https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/comment/921
  • No, it's a Google Calendar event.  "Recurring Tasks" is the name of my calendar.
  • ok you tricked me ;) ok I think I found the issue that I noticed years ago here https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/36755676
    you should be able to resolve it by changing the before time to 12:00am
  • That works -- sort of.  I created a new task, changed the notification to be 0 days before at 0:00, and I did get the notification.  However, Google won't let me set that that as my default option for the calendar in question.  Any ideas?
  • I just tested it now and it works...  it must be 12:00am

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