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App Seemingly Inconsistent with Changelog

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the information displayed, but it says in the 20 Apr changelog (v5.4.6.), "Removed Create button", yet in my extension, it still shows in the top-left corner what I presume to be the "Create" button: a red button that says "Create" and when clicked will produce a drop-down box that allows one to open a tab showing a new document of the selected type.

Just thought you might be able to clarify this for me. :)

Please don't take away that button. I love it too much. D:


  • Good detective work, indeed I made a mistake in the wording of the changelog, I removed the "Upload" button (which was just to the right of the Create button)
    Becuase in the latest Chrome version, the extension popup window could not itself open file upload window because it would suddenly close the initial extension popup window :(
  • I just realized that the latter half of my comment may have seemed like a rudely sarcastic bit. Mx. Savard, I can assure you that is not the case whatsoever. And aye, that sucks...a lot.
  • edited June 2015
    Is the Upload button back, by chance?
  • Chrome extension "popup windows" do not support any file upload because the automatically close, it's a Chrome bug, you can file it with them here
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