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Should there be a pop-up?

I'm confused.  I installed Checker Plus and it seems to be working ok except that there doesn't seem to be any pop-up when new mail arrives.  I see in the options that you can select when notifications close but I don't see anything that would close.  I only have the number of unread mails on the extension icon.  Am I missing something?


  • Thanks Jason - I have it now.
  • Aaaggghhh!!  I got the email notifications working but now no notifications for the Calendar app.  They were working before but I must have clicked something to make them not happen.  I don't know if selections for both are connected in some way.  Wouldn't system selections apply to both apps?Yes, I have gone through both of the references you gave me above, Jason.  
  • The calendar extension offers several different notifications, the default is actually a popup window in the middle of the screen - so they are different. Try going to extension options > notifciations > and click the test notification button beside the desktop notification option.
  • Merci Jason.  Last night I must have clicked something important because it just started working.  The problem might have been my computer as I have been having problems with it for the last few days.  I'll just keep an eye on it for the next couple of days to make sure everything is working ok.
  • Jason - I think I see my problem.  It seems to be accessing and notifying from only one of my google calendars.  Shouldn't it be accessing all (3)?  If it should, how do I fix it?  If only one, how do I change it from the current one to the one I want?  Thanks
  • edited about a month ago
    grrrr! Even on that one calendar that it is monitoring (number 2) it isn't giving a notification now.  It counts down to the next event on calendar 2 on the icon but skips over events on calendar 1.  I think I will uninstall it and reinstall later.  [Edit - maybe I should wait to see if you can give me an answer to the multi-calendar problem before I uninstall.]
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