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Not getting notifications

My Chrome apparently updated overnight (as it looks different) and now I am getting none of my notifications.  I have removed the extension and added it again and I have rebooted my computer.  Any other suggestions?  


  • Are you using the default window popup or the bottom right notifications?
  • I honestly don't know where to tell how that is set, but I have always gotten them in the window before.
  • Ok what happens if you click the little bell beside the Popup window in the in Notification options? Does the window show?
  • Yes, the window says all caught up.  It now started giving notifications for anything new that I have put on there but not for anything upcoming like for tomorrow that normally reminds me a day ahead.  
  • The window actually says "all caught up "? Because if so then that is not my extension.  Can you send me a screenshot of that.
  • Ugh, I clicked on the wrong bell.  Sorry about that.  The one next to popup window in notification options says "test it out" and I click it and a test event window pops up.  It is working with anything new I have put in there but just not anything that was previously already in the calendar.  Something obviously changed in Chrome overnight and jacked it up.
  • One simple test with the calendar icon button you can add a test even like something "test in 2min" and see if that pops up
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