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Uploads to i.imgur.com

When we upload our images to Imgur.com is it secure or is it open to everyone to see the images we upload?
If it is public is there a way to make them private?


  • I'll have to refer you to Imgur's privacy page https://imgur.com/privacy
  • When we upload, is it under the Hidden, Public, or Secret albums?

    Album / Post / Image Privacy

    Uploading a New Post creates an “album” (also called “post”) that can be shared to the community. The individual images inside the album are referred to as “images.”

    Although nothing you post to Imgur is completely hidden from public view, with that understanding you can set the privacy level of albums.

    • Hidden: Albums will be hidden by default. They are not searchable within Imgur, and will not appear in public albums list or public profile, but each one will still be accessible by going to the post’s URL.
    • Public: Albums will be publicly viewable and shared with the community by default. Public albums shared with the community will allow comments, sharing, and voting. Public albums that are not shared with the community will be visible on your public page (http://username.imgur.com)
    • Secret: Albums are not searchable within Imgur, and can't be viewed by anyone other than the logged-in user who uploaded the album. Each image in an album is still accessible via its own URL.
  • So I'm using this API call with no album (might be anonymous album is being used)


  • https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/201746817-Post-privacy

    Based off that it looks like we are good to go. 

    Thank you Jason!
  • I uploaded a screenshot by accident...is it possible to delete it? I saw no way to do so.

  • @sean juan Yes, refer to the Options ... View Upload Files

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