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i keep getting this message

i have tried all i could think of, but i still keep getting this message when i try to delete my mails through the extension


  • I can confirm, same here... Cannot delete anything from the extension. Have signed out and back in, restarted browser, cleared all cache on browser and logged back in, etc. Other functions such as Archive work. 
  • exactly the same here, archive works, and it updates the incoming messages. it worked yesterday but today it is not working on any of my computers. 
  • Try reinstalling the extension.
    Do you have other extensions? try disabling them.
  • i had tried to reinstall it earlier today, but, this time i tried disabling all my extensions except for "checker plus for calender" and removing the gmail plus, then closing down and reopening chrome, installing the gmail extension again and still the same problem. however i can see that i have missed to say one thing. earlier today i tried to add an account manually and that worked, but the ones that was logged in automaticly still did not work, even along side one that was working. so it seems to be a problem with the automated login procedure that has changed since yesterday.
  • also i just realized it is only my main mail that has the problem :D i have two mails connected to my gmail account.
  • Do all other actions work like mark as read etc?
  • mark as read, mark as unread, open in gmail and archiving works. But move to, mark as spam, change label and marks as important does not work.
  • edited December 2018
    wow, great tests thanks, do they all give the same error?
    after performing an attempt to delete an email, can you send me the error logs https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs
  • edited December 2018
    it always gives me the sign in/ out error. i have send you the logs :D I remembered wrong so i changed this message :P
  • edited December 2018
    it also throws this notification even though notifications has been turn off completly :D
  • edited December 2018
    also when i go into the inbox in the popup and delete it there, it shows that it is doing it right, but in reality it does nothing :D
  • So even in inbox view the delete action is not working?
  • Exactly :) I might be late with my next answer as it is 10pm here and have to be fresh for school tomorrow, but I will answer when I get the chance :D
  • So this would appear to be an issue with your Gmail account as the delete code in the inbox view is Google's own.
  • It suddenly seems to be working now... I changed nothing, was working out of town all day and came home and tried it, working as expected now. Very odd. 
  • it has fixed it self here as well today :D but now when i delete the last unread message in all the accounts it just closes the exstension popup window  without an error message in the console and it happens just before the "moved to trash" message disapears :D it could just be me that has forgotten it but i dont think it used to do that :D
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