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Checker (gmail and/or calendar) "Load Options"

edited April 2014 in Checker Plus for Gmail
I use checker on 3 different computers. I notice that when you release a new version in stages that sometimes one computer gets the update both others don't. Then, when I make a change in settings and save it on one computer so I can then load the changes on the other computers, I end up with some of the computers on one version and others on another version and thus am unable to bring the changes in.

Is there a way that if one computer gets the update that all of them can during the interim period while they update is rolling out?

I know you can force the extension to update by deleting and reinstalling. However, depending on which machine has the most up to date settings that the user wants, this may or may not be a good option - plus it's sort of a pain.

Loving the extensions otherwise...great job!


  • I'll admit this is probably the longest I've had 2 different versions running simply because half way in pushing my latest version I discovered an issue that I must fix before I push it further.
    So in general this issue should not arise often since the chances that this activity happens and that simultaneously the user installs different version on different machines are minimal. (or simply not lucky) 

    But to answer your question, if you have 2 different version of any software/app then their settings might be incompatible so I have purposely not allowed syncing of settings to different versions because that could create issues since the apps could be completely different.

    ps. Don't be afraid to ask any question, this one is indeed a good one ;)
  • My account was not detected anymore, so I followed this FAQ and it worked, without having to ask, simple, tks.
    Mon compte n'était détecté ou n'affichait plus les info, j'ai donc suivi cette directive pour supprimer les cookies (témoins) et ça fonctionné ! 

    Merci ! / Tks !

    • If your accounts are not all being detected and as last resort, try clearing your cookies which might have become corrupted over time
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