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losing calendar alerts in the popup window

I love this extension! But every so often, the pop-up just deletes events before I've dismissed or deleted them. This creates huge challenges for me as I try and keep up with what I need to do! Is there any way to stop the extension from auto-deleting notifications?


  • How long are you keeping old events in the popup window?
    Because I believe after 40 days they may be dismissed (note: that events are never automatically deleted ever regardless of the days)
  • thanks so much for the response - yea I do leave them there longer than ideal (functions as my to-do list in many ways)...but it seems very ad-hoc - maybe on a restart of Chrome or whatever, they're just gone.
    Yea I'm only talking about the notifications in the pop-up, the events in the calendar are untouched.
    Brilliant extension, thank you
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