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Checker Plus for Gmail not working in Awesome New Tab Page (ANTP) for me since ~12/3/18

I'm not sure if this is an Awesome New Tab Page (which seems to no longer be supported) issue or something else.

I have the Gmail, Drive and Calendar widgets installed (as you can see), and in the last week, the Gmail widget stopped working for me. I use ANTP on 3 different computers which all have a synced Google sign in. So it quit working on one computer, then I uninstalled and reinstalled the widget and then upon logging into the other computers, it stopped working there as well as soon as they synced.

Despite trying to install the widget, it doesn't even show on the available installed widgets anymore on ANTP. I haven't added any new extensions during this time, and the only thing I would imagine would be blocking it would be my ad blocker, uBlock Origin, but I have have it turned off for both ANTP as well as Gmail.

Any ideas? I have searched the web for this message and have found several times it has occurred with different websites, but no consistent solution.

Thanks in advance. 


  • I've decided to drop support for the new tab extensions, sorry.
  • Update: I've launched my own version here https://jasonsavard.com/homepage
  • I finally found this via a link on your own website saying that ANTP is supported: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/New_tab_page_widget .
    I can't live without ANTP even though as OP mentioned, it seems to no longer be supported. Nothing against you, because I love Checker Plus for Gmail (the only real way to stay up to date on emails), but your "new version" is nowhere near as customizable as ANTP is. I have a slew of customized shortcuts with custom icons and have always had Checker Plus for Gmail proudly spanned across a large 3x3 grid on my new tab page. On top of that, the alternative ANTP extension widget that claims to check Gmail seems to have been taken down as well. Please consider supporting ANTP again... or better yet... Possibly see if you could acquire ownership of ANTP and make it your own! I trust you could fix the various bugs with ANTP and you could bundle your multiple Checker Plus extensions with it as well! It would be great exposure for you, as I know that many people would love an updated customizable new tab page extension, as there doesn't seem to be any good replacements for ANTP on the Chrome Web Store. 

    Keep it in mind please Jason! Your slogan is "Chrome extensions you can't live without!" after all! And I sure can't live without ANTP... even how broken and non supported it currently is. 

    Thank you for your great programming work,
  • @Jason Just now found the reply button moments after I commented. Mentioning you in case this allows you to see the comment. Thanks again.
  • @DylanCarr ;
    My Checker Plus Homepage is very new, and I'll add customization to it just as I have with my extensions via suggestions/prioritization. What would be your top suggestion for it?
  • @Jason Number 1 priority would obviously be a fully customizable grid of shortcuts with the ability to hide unused extensions (such as Calendar/Drive). Personally, I don't use a Calendar and I use Microsoft OneDrive. OneDrive just has too much integration with Windows 10 to resist, and I get a lot of storage for free from my University. 

    If you don't count the above, then I would love to see the custom search function. For example, quoting ANTP settings: Enter a search URL for this website. For example: "https://www.google.com/search?q={input}"

    If you're not familiar with this functionality, you just hover your mouse over the tile and it brings up a search bar that searches your custom url directly. 

    Last priority would be the ability to resize the tiles to be wide or tall or just very large. It seems to add more depth to the page overall, making it a lot more appealing and allowing for some fancy wider logos or pictures rather than just a simple icon. 
  • @DylanCarr Well i've already fixed your #1 priority, just click the X :) ...

  • @Jason Ahhhh. Yeah I haven't actually got a chance to look into it much, but after customizing a few things here and there I can see that it is better than my initial reaction for sure. Although number one priority now would be adding tiles where you can add your own custom icons (or at least a shaded background behind the shortcuts). The current state of the shortcuts can make it hard to read depending on the background/theme selected. 

    Another huge priority would be to allow the icons to be moved to anywhere you wanted.
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