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Dark Mode for Desktop Notifications > Popup window

Hi Jason et al., 

Currently, the desktop notifications > popup window only provides a bright theme.

Dark theme mode users (myself included) may find that inconsistent with the rest of the system. 

I am on Fedora Linux 28 and have the option to apply a dark GTK theme.

Find attached image for an example how that currently looks like. 

Would anyone else want to see an optional dark mode for the popup window?

Much appreciated. 



  • So I looked at the code in the popup window and I have placed it white, meaning your dark theme should have inverted it to black. Do other popup windows in your OS work well with the dark theme?
  • Let me clarify. I am using two different components. 

    The GTK theme of my Linux desktop can colour all elements but Chrome's page content. For that I need to use the Chrome extension Dark Reader Dark. However, the latter cannot modify Chrome extension pages. Thus, it cannot colour your popup. 

    Does this make sense?

    I appreciate how I was able to apply a dark theme to the main calendar popup. 

    See below. Maybe you could provide such a theme for the popup window, too?

  • @RobertOrzanna(orschiro) Thanks, yes, a theme within my extension covering the popup is probably best, i'll put it in my queue.
  • @Jason much appreciated! :-)

  • Great news the Skins & Themes also apply to the reminder window in the latest v30.0

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