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you were interrupted, copy to clipboard broken

Chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Ubuntu Linux
steps to reproduce:
begin a reply, click any open tab, click Checker Plus icon, select "Copy to Clipboard"
try to paste the clipboard into anything.
The Paste option in the right-click context menu will not be grayed out, but apparently, the contents will be an empty string.


  • Hmm I just tested on Windows and it works, if you manually select and copy/paste does it work?  (without using the "Copy to Clipboard" button)
  • I get this much,
    "You were interrupted while replying so I have saved the text :)"
    but none of my attempted reply.
  • oh the reply text itself is not present inside the box below that message?
    Can you try typing a replly at least a sentence long, wait 5 seconds, then close the popup and a reopen and tell me if that works?
  • sorry for the lag - same result

  • Can you try reinstalling the extension? There's definitely supposed to be an textarea in that popup window.
  • reinstalling fixed it.  Thanks Jason.
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