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Outlook shows the ad "you're using an ad blocker"



  • Adblocker was working fine for me until today.  Now getting ads in Outlook.com in Chrome browser. Sad.
  • Apparently back again on Chrome>Outlook.  Uninstalled and reinstalled 5.1.3.  Thanks for all your help.  
  • This seems to be the section:
    It looks like you're using an ad blocker. To maximise the space in your inbox, sign up for Ad-free Outlook.
    Ad Choices
  • Ads have gone now. Perhaps MS broke it!
  • I use Chrome and even tho I've been using Webmail Ad Blocker successfully for the last few weeks (THANK YOU!), Hotmail / Outlook apparently just got changed and the ads are back.  ERRRRRRRR!  Microsoft is relentless.

    I just posted the screenshot above in an attempt to follow instructions I found on this website.  I'm not very good at this stuff so I apologize if I'm submitting the info incorrectly.  I tried to add a comment below the screenshot but couldn't figure out how to do it; hence the two entries.

    Thanks so much for any help you can provide.
  • @Cyn Try resintalling the extension to the latest v5.1.4 but it looks likes like a game of cat and mouse.
  • OMG - it did, at least for now!!!  I tried reinstalling 5.1.3 last night and it didn't make any difference.

    I just learned last night that you work off of donations.  I am so grateful to you (I had forgotten how INCREDIBLY ANNOYING those ads are until they popped back up last night) and will make a donation now.

    Thanks so very much.
  • you did it again.  i just uninstalled and reinstalled and it fixed the outlook problem.  this is a must have extension.  i donated and each user should also.
  • I tried what Edward Eatman did and WAB is working again ! Thanks, Jason !!!
  • Good man - donation well deserved.
  • Firefox fixed, thanks!
  • Not tech savvy so this may not be clear:
    I use Firefox and my home page is KARE11.com
    Recently, I've been getting a notice whenever I go to that page saying You have logged in ____ many times, with an arrow to be able to let the website show ads.  When I clicked on that (to get rid of that annoying pop-up--I think that's what it's called), it kept popping up one after another places that allowed ads to be shown.  I stopped clicking that arrow.  The alternative was to buy an ad blocking feature.  I don't like that pop-up or the options.  Help!!
  • Microsoft seems to figure out the way around webmail so any suggestion on adblock or adblock+ which can deliver better 

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